Change in hours

Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been a busy summer, and once I got behind it was hard to catch up.

As of tomorrow (Monday, October 12th), we will be switching to the honor system. You may catch us in the greenhouse by chance, watering and working, but we will not be keeping regular weekday hours. We still plan to keep regular hours on the weekends and will let you know if that changes.

Honor system: There will be a box at the checkout area in which you can leave payment. We suggest bringing a check so you can leave the right amount (no way to get change if you bring cash…). Credit card payments are also possible, and full instructions for what info to leave us will be posted.

Thanks! We still have lots of great mums and pumpkins, so feel free to stop by!

Summer Hours

We’re now operating on our summer schedule and are open Monday through Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm, and Sundays 10 am – 5 pm.

Our clearance sale is ongoing with lots of really great plants left to choose from, we’ve got mums started for the fall, and at some point soon I really hope to get caught up on weekly photo updates…

Weekly Photo Update, week of 5-31-15

Enjoy this tour of every bay in the greenhouse, and compare to March 22nd! A lot has come and gone. You’ll see things we’ve replanted or found at the auction we go to every week, but the trend at this point in the season is to leave more space around the plants so they don’t get crowded and to eliminate lines/entire bays of hanging baskets to let more light onto the crop below. You can see how much more light and spacious the greenhouse seems compared to a few weeks ago.

Weekly Photo Update, week of 5-24-15

Mostly detail shots this time (my favorite…) — next entry will be another bay-by-bay tour so you can see how much has changed! Remember that this is from a few weeks ago. 😉

Planting as fast as we can!!

This is a really busy time of year for us! May is our busiest month, with two major holiday weekends to prepare for. In addition to our retail customers, we also have wholesale customers coming in, and we send multiple truckloads/thousands of plants a week to a wholesale auction.

Trust me when I say that we’re working our hardest to get everything planted, and then also watered and maintained! Planting is only the tip of the iceberg… We’re still doing a lot of planting, both of things that we’ve sold out of already (!) and things we didn’t get to yet because of space constraints or weather. If you’ve been following the weekly photo updates, you’ve seen the place packed as full as we can get it and then big chunks of space abruptly opening up again. Every day we’re planting more. If there’s something that you’ve been looking for and we told you we’d have it, we will, but it can be really hard to pin down an exact date. We also buy at the auction– things we don’t have ready yet or don’t have starter plants for. This means our availability can change very quickly! Just know that we’re doing our best, and if you’re waiting on something specific, give us a call to check on it (rather than making a long drive!).

A big thank you to all our lovely customers! 🙂 We think you’re pretty rad.