Getting ready for Spring! Opening mid-April 2019. Just a tiny peak at whats going on behind the scenes.


We are busy planting for Spring 2017!

We are busy getting ready to open in Mid-April! It all started with 100,00 unrooted cuttings the second week of December, and have been steadily growing and expanding ever since.
We will have several new varieties of petunias and other standards, and some surprises for 2017, but you’ll have to wait until April for the specifics.
As of last weekend, Leo has begun the exacting process of seeding things like alyssum, wave petunias, dusty miller etc. I will try to post a video of our amazing machine in action very soon.
If you need some succulents or gift certificates between now and our re-opening in the spring please let us know, but CALL US at 814-364-2881, as we are TOO BUSY spend much time on the computer. Please share, word of mouth is our main form of advertising!

Fall 2017

Just a reminder…we are open thru October and maybe some of November (depending on the weather). And the CLEARANCE SALE is ongoing!

Our plants look amazing right now! Huge, new showy planters for sun or shade (all sizes, starting at $9.99), an expanded perennial section (most $3.99 for for 5 1/2″ pots), and hardy mums for planting and decorating. 8″Mums are $3.99 for now (they are just budding up), $4.99 as the season progresses. Larger planters coming along.

Check out or Facebook page for lots of new photos of what we’re up to!

New credit card policy

In order to continue accepting credit and debit cards as a payment choice, we are now adding 3% to all card transactions.

How this works: When your order is rung up and you opt to pay with a card, we will calculate the 3% and add it to your total. This total amount is what is charged to your card; you are not billed for this later by your card company.

(So if your order is $20, the 3% would be 60 cents, and your new total would be $20.60.)

Cash and check payments are not subject to this charge, as there is no processing fee associated. Over the years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the usage of credit cards, and hope that you’ll understand this surcharge helps us keep prices lower for everyone. Thank you!

Opening soon!

Beginning Saturday, April 9th, we will be open 9 am – 5pm, Monday thru Saturday. Remember it is EARLY and we are still working, so excuse the mess! We will have flats of cool weather vegetables, pansies, snapdragons, etc. Also some early tomatoes and peppers for those of you who just can’t wait! We are currently working on planting perennials, and Leigh Ann’s FANTASTIC herb section is growing with lots of larger pots this year. Jennifer’s succulent section is HUGE (and ready), more extensive than ever, more varieties, bowl choices, and houseplant sized Jades, etc. Feel free to stop in just to soak it all in, and get ideas for when the weather becomes more predictable.

Change in hours

Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been a busy summer, and once I got behind it was hard to catch up.

As of tomorrow (Monday, October 12th), we will be switching to the honor system. You may catch us in the greenhouse by chance, watering and working, but we will not be keeping regular weekday hours. We still plan to keep regular hours on the weekends and will let you know if that changes.

Honor system: There will be a box at the checkout area in which you can leave payment. We suggest bringing a check so you can leave the right amount (no way to get change if you bring cash…). Credit card payments are also possible, and full instructions for what info to leave us will be posted.

Thanks! We still have lots of great mums and pumpkins, so feel free to stop by!