Wondering what our current hours are? Looking for a certain plant? Need a gift certificate? Curious about work opportunities? Interested in wholesale orders? Please give us a call! (814) 364-2881

Calling is best. As you can see we are always busy and Jennifer is only one person, so queries through the website may not be answered in a timely fashion or in the detail you need!

You might also like to follow us on Facebook! Our posts there can be sporadic, but we try to share pictures and post current hours whenever possible. Our ability to respond to questions there is also limited during the season, so if you have questions please give us a call!

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  1. Hello, thank you for a lovely website and blog. I have 2 spearmint varieties – Kentucky Colonel and Mojito. They look nearly the same. How do I identify which is which? Many many thanks.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jeanie! ‘Kentucky Colonel’ and ‘Mojito’ are virtually identical in appearance, at least based on the plants I have right now; there are slight differences in flavor/scent, but this isn’t easy to describe and will also vary based on soil, water, nutrition, etc. So… no real way to say for sure.

      -Leigh Ann

  2. I purchased an herb garden from you and had them identified before I left….now that I’m home I can’t remember what they are and which is which. I believe you had both a sun and shade and I bought the sun. Help!

    • Hi Nicole,

      There are several different sun combos. Was it maybe the classic cooking mix? That one contains sage, oregano, rosemary, tarragon, parsley, and both lemon and regular thyme.

      If you’re having trouble identifying specific plants you might want to visit my herb blog at There are lots of pictures there.

      -Leigh Ann

  3. Hello. Looking for Black Cohosh plants, native flora for central PA, highly shade tolerant, but don’t know what season is best to plant. Need 6 plants.

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